DLSU-PBS Masterclass

The DLSU-PBS Masterclass Program aims to develop highly capable and socially responsible managers for the 21st century. The program produces graduates who are critical thinkers, technically proficient, and socially responsible lifelong learners and leaders. The program’s emphasis on practice-oriented research, corporate social responsibility and Lasallian values make it distinct from other MBA programs in the country and Asia. Responding to the global demand for field expertise, DLSU MBA offers specialized thrusts that will hone students’ knowledge in their chosen business fields. Electives are available in the following areas

DLSU-PBS Masterclass Program

To earn an MBA status, students must complete 36 units of course work. Foundation courses include Lasallian Business Leadership, Ethics, and CSR, Quantitative Methods for Decision-Making, Management Accounting, and Management Action Research. Core courses include Financial Management, Information Management, Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior, Operations Management and Marketing Management. Electives are available in the following areas: Aribusiness, Culture and Arts Management, Finance Governance, Human Resource Development, Information Technology, International Business Marketing, Operations Management, Property Management, Small Business Management, Sports and Recreation Management, and Supply Chain Management. Capstone requirements include a course on Strategic Management and an Action Research Paper that must be orally presented to a panel.

DLSU – PBS Masterclass Program is your gateway towards DLSU MBA degree!

In 2017, the Philippine Business School (PBS) signed the Partnership Agreement with the College of Business of De La Salle University – Manila to jointly provide quality Executive Programs and Masterclasses that will be the pathway towards achieving the DLSU-MBA degree while working abroad.

The “Masterclass 1: Business and Strategic Management” will be awarded jointly by the PBS and DLSU to all participants who have successfully completed their respective masterclass. The diploma/certificate is under the mandate and logo of De La Salle University – Manila.

Moreover, given the design of the Program, the participants will earn 3 credit units in the Master’s in Business Administration at De La Salle University, for each Masterclass. if the participants would like to pursue a full-fledge MBA program at DLSU, provided they meet certain following requirements.

  1. Complete at least 42 hours of conference/workshop for 3-unit credits for MBA
  2. Seek DLSU’s CPDB certification regarding their completion of the Program and corresponding grade;
  3. Enroll in the Master’s Program within five years of completing the program;
  4. Other generic requirements of the DLSU.

Note: Pursuing a full-fledged MBA program at DLSU is optional, at the discretion of the participant.

In addition, the participant will receive CPE credits for the renewal of PRC license.